Digital and Information Systems

Digital and Information Systems

Leader : Christian Pichot

The Digital and Information Systems team defines and implements the URFM's scientific data management policy.

They are: Christian Pichot (CR1), Didier Betored (AI) and Philippe Clastre (IR).

The Digital and Information Systems team i) defines and implements the URFM's scientific data management policy, ii) contributes to the organisation of the Research Infrastructures Information Systems and to the ECODIV department's digital system.

Four permanent URFM staff are involved in these activities: Christian Pichot (CRHC), Philippe Clastre (IR), Didier Betored (AI) and Valérie Réno (TR). The activities also involve UEFM staff at local level and ECODIV computer specialists and some AQUA staff at national level. The actions are mainly part of the CATI GEDEOP.

The team is responsible for the URFM's Data Management Plan. It provides skills and IT resources for the pooled management of data acquired on the URFM and UEFM observation and experimentation sites and organises the management of storage media for shared volumes, as well as data back-ups for workstations.

She actively contributes to the INRAE-Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur 'GIS-Centre' group and co-manages the management/processing services for mainly spatial and/or temporal data, services offered by the GeOpen4S platform, which she co-directs.

  •     The URFM's main information systems concern :
  •     the database of natural sites in forests (SitesNat)
  •     the database of forest genetics experiments and samples (PlantaExp), which feeds the national Forest Tree GnpIS database for Gen4X
  •     the observation/experimentation data file systems of the SOERE Font-Blanche site and the fire system
  •     the metadata databases of the INRAE Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur centre and national and European projects (AnaEE France, IN-SYLVA France, Evoltree).
  •     computer codes developed as part of ecosystem modelling, in particular the CAPSIS modules and the NoTG model.

The team is involved in managing the information systems for INRAE's long-term observatories (formerly SOERE, "Dispositif EcoInformatique"). It coordinates the development and maintenance in operational conditions of the information systems of the AnaEE-France and In-Sylva France research infrastructures. The work focuses in particular on developing interoperability on semantic databases for which observations and experimental contexts are modelled according to ontological reference systems.

Finally, the group is responsible for coordinating the institutional open-data policy and helping scientific teams to adopt it.

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