Some important recent publications:

Pimont F, Ruffault J, Opitz T, Fargeon H, Barbero R, Castel-Clavera J, Martin-StPaul N, Rigolot E, Dupuy J-L (2022) Future expansion, seasonal lengthening and intensification of fire activity under climate change in southeastern France. International Journal of Wildland Fire 32, 4–14. doi:10.1071/WF22103.

Castel-Clavera J, Pimont F, Opitz T, Ruffault J, Rivière M, Dupuy J-L (2022) Disentangling the factors of spatio-temporal patterns of wildfire activity in south-eastern France. International Journal of Wildland Fire 32, 15–28. doi:10.1071/WF22086.

Ruffault J, Limousin J, Pimont F, Dupuy J, De Càceres M, Cochard H, Mouillot F, Blackman CJ, Torres‐Ruiz JM, Parsons RA, Moreno M, Delzon S, Jansen S, Olioso A, Choat B, Martin‐StPaul N (2023) Plant hydraulic modelling of leaf and canopy fuel moisture content reveals increasing vulnerability of a Mediterranean forest to wildfires under extreme drought. New Phytologist 237, 1256–1269. doi:10.1111/nph.18614.

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